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Attention NC Dealers: New Rules for Titling in a Business Name

Beginning March 15, there are new rules for titling a vehicle in a business name. If you sell to a business and are going to title and register the vehicle for the business, you must do all of the following:

  • Get a copy of the firm, partnership, corporation or business’s incorporation papers, assumed name filing, etc. to prove the company exists in NC. Confirm on the Secretary of State’s website: https://www.sosnc.gov/online_services/search/by_title/_Business_Registration.
  • All paperwork must be signed by the owner or officer of the business who is listed on the official business filings. A POA cannot be used.
  • Get a copy of the DL or ID of the owner or officer of the business who is signing. Only a valid US DL or ID (current, not expired) can be used.
  • If the business filing date with the Secretary of State’s office is after the assignment date, the title work will be rejected. The business must be established before titling a vehicle in that business name.
  • The buyer’s name (the business name) on the Bill of Sale must match the buyer’s name on the reassignment. If one is to an individual and the other to the business, the title work will be rejected.
  • This applies to all title work done in the name of a business, even if they have titled and registered vehicles in the business name in the past.